Our lab members Georgios Flamis, Stavros Kalapothas and Paris Kitsos participate in InnovateFPGA Design Contest 2021-2022 (https://www.innovatefpga.com/portal/ ). Their proposed project “SoC design for enhanced keyword spotting applications with eliminated resources”, is aimed to deploy a combined Machine Learning (ML) system based on both FPGA and HPS units of DE10-Nano platform that will be enhancing the capabilities of a keyword spotting (KWS) application. The project is already qualified in semi-final, and they are during the final integration and development. More information about the project can you find here (https://www.innovatefpga.com/cgi-bin/innovate/teams.pl?Id=EM042&All=1) .

Special thanks to Intel, Analog Devices and Microsoft. Without their donations this task will be impossible.