Electronics Circuits, Systems and Applications laboratory (ECSA Lab) was founded in March 2020 and belongs to Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of the Peloponnese, focusing on the undergraduate and postgraduate education in the areas of Analog and Digital hardware design.

The major research subjects of the ECSA laboratory are:

  • FPGA and ASIC design
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits
  • Digital Systems design
  • Analog nm IC design
  • Ultra Low Power Design
  • CMOS circuit timing analysis and modeling
  • CMOS circuit power dissipation modeling and estimation
  • MOSFET modeling
  • RF circuits
  • ADCs
  • Transceiver circuits (USB2, USB3, BLE, M-PHY)
  • Microprocessor and microcontroller system design
  • System-on-chip design
  • Hardware – Software design
  • Digital IC design for security, digital signal processing and ML systems